The Alpine Vitamin Drink

As a result of profit oriented manufacturing, nowadays the useful amount of nutrients in our grocery has decreased. Our unbalanced nourishment is worsening the situation even more.

The foods of Swiss Laboratory developed from original Swiss ingredients are enriched by vitamins, minerals and herbs thus supporting the balanced function of the organism.

To our consumers we offer the combination of the carefully selected nutrients in a large dose and an easily consumable form.

By framing our recipes, we pay extra attention to the enjoyment value, our products are exceptionally delicious.

The Swiss standard without any compromise is ensured by the most up-to-date production technology and the carefully selected ingredients.

Our products are manufactured in the most modern factory of Europe based on strict specifications on food safety.

SWISS Laboratory
SWISS Laboratory

SWISS Laboratory Swiss traditions

The raw material supplier of all our products is a nature-manufactory with a history of a century and plantations of their own.

They exclusively process organically grown plants on the pure plantations of the Alps for us. The herbal complex born from the fusion of nature and science can be found in all our drinks.

Besides the strictest food safety specifications, the recipes developed by our researchers unify the results of modern dietetics and the experience of popular medicine reaching back to centuries.



with anti-bacterium and -virus effect for supporting the function of the respiratory organs*



for strengthening the immune system + for detoxification + for supporting the function of the kidneys + for enhancing the metabolism + for stimulating the digestion*

Bergamot mint

Bergamot mint

for vitalising + for dissolving stress* + for supporting the digestion + for soothing moderate pain

*based on the experience of traditional popular medicine

Our Products

La Boisson DeLaVie
La Boisson DeLaVie ZERO
La Boisson Elysée
La Boisson DeLaVie KIDS

La Boisson DeLaVie

Multivitamin drink of a high dose with Swiss herb extracts, flavoured with mixed fruit juice concentrate and sugar (7,6g/100ml). It is free of preservatives and noncarbonated.

Vitamin A600μg (75% NRV*)
Vitamin E4,5mg (37,5% NRV*)
Vitamin C1000mg (1250% NRV*)
Niacin B312mg (75% NRV*)
Vitamin B61mg (75% NRV*)
Folic acid B9150μg (70% NRV*) 
Vitamin B122μg (75% NRV*)
Biotin B737,5μg (75% NRV*)
Pantoten acid B54,5mg (75% NRV*)
Swiss herb extracts
Hyssopus officinalis, Mentha citrata, Malvae folium4,75mg
SWISS Laboratory SWISS Laboratory SWISS Laboratory


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